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Congratulations on taking home your new succulent! Smart Planet Drought-Tolerant Plants are easy-to-care for and mindful of the environment. Plus they’re beautiful too.

Caring for your succulent

To get started, scroll through these tips on planting and care:


When planting, whether in the ground or in a container, use well-draining soil and make sure the plant is in a location that will get the amount of light recommended by the label.


Dig a hole slightly larger than the size of the root ball of the plant.


Remove the plant gently from the grow pot.


Place the plant into the hole and tap down the soil firmly to give support. The soil should be level with the top of the root ball. Be sure not to cover the neck of the plant with soil.


Wait five to seven days before watering to let the roots settle and recover from any disturbance. When you do water, water thoroughly and only when the soil is dry or nearly dry (“the soak and dry” method). Plan on watering at least once every 10 to 14 days, depending on season and conditions.


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